Envelope Printing Frequently Asked Questions

Do you supply bespoke envelopes ?

Rockhill First Class Envelopes print and supply a huge range of envelopes including bespoke envelopes.

What types of sealing methods do envelopes have ?

We supply gummed flaps, self-seal or peel & seal envelopes all of which we can supply in various envelope sizes and colours.

Gummed flaps need to be moistened or licked.

Self seal envelopes have two glued parts to the flap. Bring both parts together to seal.

Peel & seal have a strip protecting the adhesive on the flap, when it's pulled off the envelope is sealed by pressing the flap against the back of the envelope.

Where can I get envelopes with address windows printed with my logo ?

We supply window and non-window envelopes for single colour to full-colour envelope printing to perfectly match your brand colours.

Where can I bulk buy plain or printed envelopes in the UK?

You've come to the right place. Not only are we envelope printers we also offer an envelope supply service. Just let us know your specific envelope requirements.

What is the difference between a Pocket, a Wallet and a Banker?

Pocket - flap opens on short edge – square shaped flap

Wallet - flap opens on long edge - square shaped or trapezium flap

Banker - Flap opens on long edge – more triangular flap

Where can I get personalised envelopes for my business?

Up your branding presence with a printed envelope. We can print any design on to any size envelope for your bespoke envelope printing needs. From one colour to full colour envelope printing to perfectly match your brand colours and increase brand awareness today¬¬¬.

What’s the point of having envelopes printed ?

Good quality professionally printed envelopes really are the first step in customer contact.

What’s the point of spending precious time, effort and hard earned money on producing letterheads, logos, brochures etc for promotional campaigns and then mailing out to potential clients in poor quality, plain, boringly nondescript envelopes?

It’s the first image of your company they will see and it’s that very first impression that makes all the difference.

With a good quality, well printed envelope they instantly see your logo / strapline / corporate colours etc and feel inspired to open rather than throw in the bin!