Envelope Sizes

C5 envelopes

C5 Envelope Sizes

Very popular sized envelopes for general every day mailing requirements.

  • A4 sheet folded in half
  • Corresponds to stationery size A5
  • Personal letters
  • Invoices
  • Business reply envelopes BRE
  • Leaflets
  • Direct Mail
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Greeting cards
  • Birthday cards
  • Vast range of colours and textures available
  • Variety of window sizes & positions
  • Window, non window ,self seal, gummed, peel & seal
  • Pocket / wallet

Pocket - flap opens on short edge – square shaped flap

Wallet - flap opens on long edge - square shaped or trapezium flap

Banker - Flap opens on long edge – more triangular flap

Opaqued - Has a pattern on the inside so contents cannot be read through envelope.

Gummed - need to be moistened / licked to seal. Used on mailing machines.

Self seal - Two glued parts to flap. Bring both together to seal.

Peel & seal - Peel paper from glue strip on flap and seal.

Printed C5 envelopes are the most commonly used envelope size which measures 162mm x 229mm which is just small enough to be considered by Royal Mail as letter size which reduces the cost for posting. C5 envelopes are designed to fit an A5 size letter, document or magazine etc and also come with a gusset for bulky mailings. C5 envelopes also come in undersize and oversize all with window and non window options. Because the C5 envelope is the most commonly used envelope size it comes in many weights colours and finishes. We even stock C5 envelopes with a reverse window which is in the back of the envelope.

Most commonly we print 90gsm self seal or gummed c5 envelopes but these also come in a very high spec. For example we supply C5 envelopes that are made from 120gsm paper with a peel & seal flap and 180gsm C5 white envelopes. If you need to order c5 envelopes in small quantities or in bulk please call 01273 475444.

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