Envelope Artwork Guidelines

Once you have designed and sized your artwork to your required envelope, save as a PDF and e-mail across to us. For envelope sizes please see here.

Ideally your design software will enable you to include embedding fonts and adding crop marks.

Crop marks eliminate any positioning errors of the finished print on the envelope.

We will have a look and advise if any thing needs amending before making film. There usually are things to ‘tweek’ so don’t worry if you’re not too sure.

If you require a window envelope printed please remember to keep window area clear when designing.

Feel free to contact us regarding window positions and sizes.

If your postage paid details ( PPI ) need to be added at the design stage please ensure you are keeping up-to-date with any Royal Mail changes- see www.royalmail.com

We need to be advised of all colours and bleeds.

Bleeds are when an image touches the edge of the envelope or the window.

If you need help with your artwork please do not hesitate to call us. We will be more than happy to help.