About Us

Rockhill First Class Envelopes based in Lewes, just outside of Brighton, East Sussex is a close knit family run business.

With roots founded on friendship and a mutual dedication to delivering high quality service the business has gone from strength to strength and is fast approaching two decades of satisfied customers!

We all have a huge passion for printing an unrivalled knowledge of envelopes and the benefits great branding can bring to your business. All members of the Rockhill First Class Envelopes team will be happy to answer any questions you may have from how to use printed envelopes as part of your marketing strategy, details of full colour printing, matching your brand colour, sourcing a unique envelope for your needs to helping you to understand your C5 from your C4!

Use the navigation at the top of the page for further details of what we can offer, take a read to the FAQs section here or contact us directly on 01273 475 444 or email info@1stclass-envelopes.co.uk

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A Brief History of Envelopes

Paper envelopes were developed in China, paper envelopes were invented in the 2nd century BC and used by the Chinese imperial court to distribute money gifts to government officials.

Prior to 1845 all envelopes were made by hand, after 1845 an envelope making machine was made but it was not until 50 years later that a machine was made that would be a commercial success.

In later years much development was made, with today’s modern machines producing up to 80,000 envelopes with a variety of styles and sizes.

But what size Envelope?
Different sizes of envelope are used in many ways, the more common sizes are C4 / C5 / DL / C6, and these are also available as oversize envelope sizes.

A standard C4 can take several sheets of A4 paper, depending on the weight, if the contents of the envelope are very bulky and heavy such as company reports or a prospectus it would be better to use a gusset or tear resistant C4 envelope.

A C5 envelope takes A5 sheets of paper that may have been folded in half from A4 sheets the C5 envelope has many uses and is often used as a means of a marketing communication / utility bills / greetings cards /personal letters etc.,
C5 envelopes are also available as gusset and tear resistant.

The DL envelope is often used for personal letters as well as invoices and bills or light weight marketing material,
A DL envelope will take a 1/3rd A4 sheet, this may have been an A4 sheet of paper that has been folded twice from A4 to 1/3 A4.

A C6 envelope takes an A5 sheet folded once or an A4 sheet folded twice, the C6 envelope is mostly used for business reply or small greetings cards.

We also supply…
Charity and gift aid envelopes are available in several sizes.

Most of the popular sizes of envelope C4/ C5/ DL/ C6 are available in recycled paper.

We can also supply many other sizes of envelope from very small up to C2 (444x 625 mm) that maybe used from small packets of seeds to large calendars and posters etc.

We are able to print on most envelopes from one colour to 4 colour process.